Outpouring of love for Lucille McLellan

No. 49 Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Members of the St. James Retired Teachers Association recently met at the home of and veteran educator Miss. Lucille McLellan, who resides at McCatty Street in Montego Bay, in an expression of love and appreciation at a going away party. 
   Miss McLellan, who spent 61 years in the teaching profession, teaching at schools such as Mt. Alvernia High and Herbert Morrison Technical High is about to make the transition from her home where she had resided for 38 years, to go to a nursing home. 
   In lauding her unwavering service, generosity, undying love for the teaching profession, Mrs. Evelyn Tugwell, Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) Regional Officer said; “Jamaica is indeed blessed and better-off for her contribution, dedication and commitment to education and nation building. A true role model,” she stressed. 
   Mrs. Tugwell went on to commend Miss McLellan who, despite her disability, continued upon retirement, to teach Mathematic classes along with literacy classes from her home. She thanked her for her support of the JTA and dedication to the St. James Retired Teachers Association of which she is a founding member. Her kind donation of a safe to the JTA office, for the storage of Archives material of the JTA is well appreciated. 
   Meanwhile Mrs. Melita Samuels O.D., president of the St. James Retired Teachers Association, in her remarks referred to Ms. McLellan as a teacher extraordinaire who has exemplified high standard for teachers to follow 
   “She has given infallible guidance to both teachers and the thousands of students who came under her tutelage,” Mrs. Samuels pointed out. 
   She informed those gathered that, as a member of the association, Ms. McLellan managed to keep the Association vibrant, always suggesting creative ideas and keeping the members aware and abreast with protocol. 
   In replying, Ms. McLellan expressed gratitude to the retired teachers for their act of kindness, show of love and outpouring of spirit. In retrospect she recalls an experience with a student at Herbert Morrison who told her that; quote - “despite your disability you are the most active teacher on the staff. I can feel her teaching as you teach the heart.” 
   She has fond memories of the students she taught, most of who are still in touch with her. 
The retired teachers then wished for Ms Lucille McLellan God’s richest blessings, good health and happiness. 

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