BODY FOUND: Ex-soldier burnt to death

No. 23 Wednesday, November 25, 2009

  Sleuths attached to the Scenes of Crime Unit and the Freeport CIB have commenced full investigation to uncover the motive behind the burning to death of a former JDF soldier, whose charred remains were discovered in Moore Park. The body has since been identified as that belonging to Steve Minto, better known as 'Soljie', a 45 year-old ex-soldier of Paisley District in St.James.

   The remains of Minto's burnt body were discovered on Saturday morning in bushes at a location in the Moore Park community by residents.

   It is understood that residents of Moore Park in South St.James reported a foul stench coming from a section of the community. Upon investigating, they stumbled upon upon the burnt remains in a bushy area known to them as Slippery Gut.

   The police were alerted to the scene and upon arrival it was discovered that the burnt remains were that of the ex-soldier. The reporter spoke to several community members who expressed disgust at the find. It is believed that he was killed elsewhere then brought to the area and set ablaze.

   Meanwhile, family members and friends of the deceased are expressing their shock at the manner in which Minto was killed and are left pondering as to what could have driven his killers to perform such a cruel act. 

   How he was actually killed is not yet certain because of the severely burnt state in which the body was found.


  1. it seem like a jamaica is becoming a barbic society it a shame

  2. I knew this guy we were in the military together it is really sad to know of his passing he was a good soldier when I knew him. "Train Hard Fight Easy" R.I.P MINTO S.

  3. i was in the army with minto good guy R.I.P
    big up delta coy