Stalwart Educator Recognized

No. 30 Friday, December 11, 2009  
        Sixty two year-old stalwart in the field of education, Lincoln James, after a prolific and inspiring 44 years in his field as a teacher and administrator, was officially acknowledged and recognized at a church service and an appreciation ceremony on November 29, 2009.

Vendors killed in Falmouth

No. 30 Friday, December 11, 2009 
Two Falmouth vendors were killed in separate incidents on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. 
        Dead are Keith Plummer and Denzil Thomas. Plummer, aka ‘Duval’ and ‘Dagga Man’, was killed on Tuesday night after he was involved in a tussle with three other men. According to police reports he was killed around 7:10pm along Falmouth Street in the parish capital after being stabbed by unknown assailants while they had become engaged in a fight. He was taken to the Falmouth hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"I love to smoke ganja"

No. 30 Friday, December 11, 2009  
        An American national who tried to leave the island with a quarter of a pound of marijuana was fined $2,600.00 when he appeared before the Montego Bay RM court on Thesday, December 8.
        John Carlino, 59, of Pennsylvania could, however, spend 30 days in the lock-up if the fine is not paid.
He pleaded guilty to possession and attempting to export the illegal drug. “Do you wish to say anything to the court before I hand down sentence,” Resident Magistrate Sandria Wong-Small asked the accused man. “I know I was wrong and I realize it is a wakeup call for me... It will never happen again,” Carlino said.
        The magistrate then ordered Carlino to pay a fine of $400.00 or 30 days. for possession of the drug and $1,200.00 or 30 days on the export charge. He was also asked to pay $1,000.00 for court cost.
        Reports are that on December 6, 2009 about 12:30pm, the officer was on counter-narcotic duties at the Sangster International Airport when he received certain information which led him to the search room where he met the accused. The officer asked Carlino why he was in the search room and he told the officer that he had some ganja in his possession. 
       The accused man then removed a package with the weed from his left pants foot. When cautioned, he reportedly said to the lawman, “I. love to smoke ganja so I was taking a bit back for my smoking pleasure.. .1 am sorry”