Vendors killed in Falmouth

No. 30 Friday, December 11, 2009 
Two Falmouth vendors were killed in separate incidents on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. 
        Dead are Keith Plummer and Denzil Thomas. Plummer, aka ‘Duval’ and ‘Dagga Man’, was killed on Tuesday night after he was involved in a tussle with three other men. According to police reports he was killed around 7:10pm along Falmouth Street in the parish capital after being stabbed by unknown assailants while they had become engaged in a fight. He was taken to the Falmouth hospital where he was pronounced dead.

        Family members said they are distraught but suggested faith in God will help in the sad times. “We are sad at the present but at the same time we are putting faith in the Lord as he will see us through,” one sister said. 
        She is, however, asking why persons have to solve everything with violence and is asking all the youths who have strayed to turn their lives to God as only he can save them.  
        She further mentioned that the last time that she saw her brother was on Saturday as it was his birthday. She said that she spoke to him and he told her that everything was fine. She left with a promise to see him on Friday again. The next thing she heard was the news that her brother had been killed. 

        Unconfirmed reports was that he was returning from Falmouth where he had gone to set up as he usually worked on Wednesday when it transformed into ‘Bend Down’ Market. It is said that he ran some 300 metres before collapsing and was taken to the Falmouth hospital by a passerby. 
        While no connection has been established, the other vendor was killed a few hours later Wednesday morning. Denzil Thomas aka ‘Crackers’ was shot around 2:15 in the morning after gunmen forced their way into his home. 
        According to police reports, he was at home with his girlfriend and children when a knocking was heard at the door. The men said they were police officers and when the door was opened, men in army fatigue barged in. They brandished handguns and demanded money and took four cellular phones. They then took Thomas outside where shortly after explosions were heard. The police were called and Thomas was found along the roadway lying in a pool of blood suffering from gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
        The Falmouth CIB are investigating the murders and is asking persons who may have information to come forward. to help. 

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