Incomplete case file delays murder hearing

No. 23 Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Due to an incomplete case file, the prosecution was not able to carry out legal proceedings in the case against David Thelwell who is facing a multiple murder charge.
Thelwell, 28, of Glendevon, St. James was charged after he allegedly shot and killed four persons in Hendon, St. James, and injuring three other persons in the incident.
  The hearing was scheduled to begin on Thursday, November 20.
  The accused man will remain behind bars until November 27.
  Thelwell is charged with the murder of 34 year-old Peter Williams, 34 year-old O'Neil Black, 19 year-old Adrian Wynter of Lime Tree Lane, Glendevon and a mentally ill man known as 'Kevon' of a Blood Lane address.
  Reports are that on March 8, 2009 about 1:25 a.m., the seven were among a group of patrons at a party in the Hendon community when two men armed with guns entered the premises.
  The men reportedly opened fire at the group before fleeing the scene.
  The seven were later found suffering from gunshot wounds.
  They were rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where the four were pronounced dead and the other three admitted in serious condition.
  Following investigations, Thelwell was arrested and charged.

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  1. what type of justice system is that .That why the criminals them know that they most likely can get away with murder