Relatives claim loved ones were not gunmen

No. 46 Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Close family members of two young men who were identified as gunmen and who were fatally shot by the police on Monday, January 18, visited the office of the Western Mirror on Monday of this week, seeking justice as they claim the killings of the men by the police to be unjust.
The victims who are said to be close cousins are Kevin Wilson, otherwise called 'Buju', 17 year-old and Charles Clarke, otherwise called 'David', 20, both auto body repairmen of Brown's Lane, Cunningham Drive, Granville.
   Pancheta Moodie, 38 year-old mother of Wilson and Clarke's 36 year-old sister Carmel Reid, stated that they would not stop untill justice is served on the policemen who did not have to kill the boys.
   According to them, last Monday about 12:30 p.m., the family was at home in Granville when a large contingency of police and soldiers pulled up outside the yard. The men stormed into a yard owned by Roland Moodie, an uncle of both men and asked for David.
   They stormed past the family and into the hall where they grabbed both youths and dragged them to a section of the kitchen. Both women further stated that the lawmen shot dead Clarke then drove the occupants of the house outside and a few minutes later they heard several gunshots and Wilson was dead.
   The heart-broken women further stated that their grandmother, who is about 95 years old, was roughed up by the lawmen who also attempted to shoot another man. The man upon seeing the other two men being shot held his 1-year and eight month old baby close to him but this did not stop the lawmen from allegedly firing several rounds at him.
   The man managed to escape being shot but his daughter was not as lucky as one of the bullets reportedly shot off one of her toes and she had to be admitted to hospital in serious condition.
   The police related a totally different story from the residents, however, pointing out that after they approached the premises and were about to enter the house they came under heavy gunfire from the men.
   They returned the fire and after the shooting died down both men were found suffering from gunshot wounds. Two firearms on displayed were said to be those taken from both men. The BSI and personnel from the Police Complainants Office are carrying out investigations into this latest shooting.

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