[OPINIONS]:::Concerning this scandalous state

No. 46 Wednesday, January 27, 2010
[POSTED BY::: Marcia Spencer, Montego Bay]
Over the past year the crime problem has affected two of my dear friends having lost them to crime in a most horrendous manner in Montego Bay and what is even more sad is the fact that, the police have failed to apprehend the culprits who are responsible for the for those vicious murders.
   I have taken note of an article written by one of your regular contributors. Mr. Robert Dailey Esq recently published in one of the Western Mirror issues appropriately headline ‘Montego Bay’s Scandalous State’ of which he in part stated that based on the increasing crime and murder rates in the city and the incompetence of the Montego Bay police it is necessary that the acting police commissioner Owen Ellington take the steps necessary to put in place a new police leadership at the Montego Bay police department.
   I agree with Mr. Dailey that the assistant Commissioner Mr. Frater and Superintendent Robinson have both significantly failed to perform in their respective jobs and should be replaced right away. We need to develop in this our country a working philosophy where when public servants like police officers who have leadership positions fail to perform they pay the penalty of being removed and transfer from their positions and new persons be appointed to the positions.
   I am literally afraid to travel into Montego Bay during day and night hours because of the crime problems and further disappointing is the fact the Montego Bay police leadership are an incompetent bunch who merely sits behind their desk everyday doing very little, watching the murder problem getting out of hand and innocent persons dying from the hands of gunmen who have taken control of Montego bay for far to long. We need action from the acting commissioner like right now, please. I am a professional person and I am disappointed in how things are happening in my city of Montego Bay.

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