Bloody Month: 15 dead in 22 days

No. 44 Friday, January 22, 2010

   The three latest victims are: 19 year-old Adrian Campbell of Content District, Adelphi; 17 year-old Aarando 'Rando' Whittaker, a student of Spot Valley High School of a Salt Spring address and an unidentified man believed to be in his late 30s. The body of the unidentified man was discovered in bushes at Mt. Carey District yesterday.
 Fifteen murders have been reported in St. James, with just 22 days gone in the year.
    The Western Mirror visited both crime scenes and learnt that approximately 1 p.m. on Thursday, residents of Carey Village were alerted to a body which was discovered a short distance from the old train line close to the Mt. Carey Baptist Church.
    Based on the advanced state of decomposition, it is estimated that he may have been killed at least five days ago.
    A section of his head was missing; also one of his hands was severed.
    The body was still clad in brown shoes, white and blue belt, blue and white striped under pants and blue jeans. He is about six (6) feet tall, medium built and of a dark brown complexion.
    The decomposing body was bagged and placed in a board box where an on-the-spot post mortem was carried out.
    In the other case, the police were alerted to the community of Content in Adelphi where the 19 year-old, teenager (Campbell) was spending the day at a friend's house when he was killed. Reports are that Campbell had just gone into another room when explosions were heard. The friend went to investigate and found Campbell lying on the floor with gunshot wounds to his head. The body of the teenager was removed to the morgue where it awaits a post mortem.
    This week is registered as the bloodiest week in the year 2010 in the parish of St. James; with just six days gone out of the week some 15 shootings have occured and five persons have been reported murdered.

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