[Opinions]:::Respect the uniform!

No. 118 Monday, July 19, 2010
Where has the pride gone? Long gone, it seems, are the days when policemen were figures of respect and individuals who were esteemed. They were seen as the upstanding men of class, properly groomed, well dressed, well mannered and well behaved.

    Oh how far we have come. We are now in a time where policemen are among the scum of society. They are fingered in rape theft, armed robbery, scamming, scheming and all that can be imagined.
    If these individuals do not respect themselves and their peers, for heaven's sake respect the uniform! Look the part, act the part, and the respect will be bestowed.
    Policing is Jamaica has hit an all-time low, with some - especially the younger ones - showing unconcealed disregard for their profession. They'll hang out on the street corner hooting and whistling at every skimpily dressed young woman they see walking by. Where is the professionalism?
    There is a time and place for everything. While on duty that is neither the time nor the place to be fishing for love. Policemen used to be distinguished men. They used to possess the common skills to balance work and everyday life without coming across as being either a pervert of a nuisance.
    Things need to go back to what they used to be. Days when policemen were seen as policemen and not as common criminals. When the uniform meant something
and the bright red seam was the look of authority.
    It is a shame what the force has come to. The authorities need to be blamed though. As they have allowed this scenario to festered and now has exploded in their faces. If these policemen were punished when they were found guilty that may have helped some.
    Instead they are taken of front line duty in the area where they were found in their wrong doing and sent to another area to serve. They need to be severely punished. Kicked off the force were necessary! The only way to get back to the place where this profession is respect is when the cops themselves start respecting their own profession. For Christ sake, respect the uniform!

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