TWO KILLED.....Illegal firearms recovered

No. 118 Monday, July 19, 2010
Two men were shot and killed in Lilliput during a daring gun battle with the police on Thursday. They remained unidentified up to press time.

    The men are suspected to be in their early twenties and members of a gang which has been operating out of the Barrett Hall, Lilliput area. This gang, it is said, is responsible for a number of armed robberies, shootings and murders in the area.
    According to reports, on Thursday afternoon, police­men acting on intelligence, visited a house in Lilliput when they came under heavy gunfire.
    The police team sought cover and returned the fire. A heated battle ensued and some men were seen running from the building, firing wildly while making their escape.
    When the shooting subsided, the house was searched and the two were found suffering from gunshot wounds. One of the men was found clutching a loaded .38 revolver.
    Another illegal gun, a homemade shot gun with a 12 gauge cartridge was found after the rest of the house was searched.
    Both wounded men were taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they died upon arrival. They were later removed to the morgue for a post mortem examination.

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