Dyema and Kanabis in 'Romping' mood

No. 48 Monday, February 01, 2010
Promising young Rastafarian DJ, Kanabis and raunchy dancer, Dyema have collaborated on a single entitled ‘How Yuh Waah Me Set?’ Vybz Kartel and Spice have done it with “Romping Shop” and Mavado and Stacious have done it too with Come into My Room’. Now it’s Kanabis’ and Dyema’s turn to burn — so to speak.
   The producer of this single as well as the artistes is confident that dancehall consumers will find the single just as sumptuous.
   “As young artistes, we hope this song will transfer you to an additional status and will create a positive outcome to Dyema and our musical career,” said a member of Kanabis’ High Achievers camp. Many are confident too that Dyema will no longer be seen as just a crazy hot dancer, but of course someone with the clout of a true entertainer.
   “I know it’s a lot of work and a lot of late nights and travelling, but music is what I gave my life to and I can’t picture myself doing anything else but music,” said Kanabis. “Therefore this would determine my deeds for this year and beyond.”
   As for Dyema, she has revealed that her father was “long time deejay” and her mother had a strong nose for music so that any stride she makes will be credited to the influence she has solicited from them. Dyema also points out that her mom was inspired by one her songs she has dubbed ‘Eat Your Bread’.
   “For this year I am making plans to increase my aptitude in music and entertainment,” Kanabis told the press recently. “I will show dancehall through my expressions and Dyema will show it through her motions.”
   Kanabis and Dyema are on YouTube. “I want to show my fans how Kanabis waah me set”, said a mischievous Dyema. The rest is on keroybrown@yahoo.com and MySpace is kanabis2000@yahoo.com and same for hi5.
   “Outside of music and entertainment, I am one of the spokespersons for the peace treaty meetings in Rose Heights that wish to see love among his people,” said Kanabis,

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