[OPINIONS]:::Why not sell to the Jamaicans?

No. 46 Wednesday, January 27, 2010
[POSTED BY::: anonymous]

It is welcoming to see Jamaicans stepping up to the plate and making grave efforts to secure a piece of our pride and heritage. The employees of the lovebird fleet, Air Jamaica, have acted rather patriotically in approaching the government with their petition to bail out the financially depleted national airline. 
   To see a group of employees willing to bail out a piece of national pride is something worth talking about. With Air Jamaica suffering for a long time from insufficient funds, it will be interesting to see the fleet being retained in Jamaica and operated by Jamaicans.
   The initial plan the government had to sell to a Trinidad-owned company was a rather poor one and the resistant citizens are speaking volumes.
   If the employees are willing to jump aboard and take over the running of the airlines, then by all means, allow them to. The confidence that Jamaican Airline Pilots’   Association (JALPA) has in its ability to take the reins is something worth considering.
   The pride of the nation is being salvaged by this devoted bunch and the Jamaicans are on a path to protect something that has made Jamaica proud over the years. Coming from champagne flights to divestment to foreigners is long road, but there is a little hope in the hands of the JALPA.
   It is necessary that the dollar be sacrificed for the pride at this point. Though it may be more financially rewarding to sell out to outsiders, let us put our self-importance first and allow the Jamaicans a chance to secure a piece of history.
   If it takes the whole country for this bird to continue flying with the Jamaican flag on the wings, then let’s do it! Jamaica has a lot to be proud of and Air Jamaica is one of such. Let’s continue in the fight to keep this airline Jamaican-owned and operated. 

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