'Posey' Still teaches woodwork at Montego Bay Boys Club

No. 48 Monday, February 01, 2010
Cleveland Vernon known to the wider public as Posey, is one of those men who are denied the accolades that are due to them in their living years.

   Some people know him as the man who teaches woodwork at the Montego Bay Boys And Girls Club; some know him as that stubborn player who played football for the Boys Club F.C.; some cite him as an outstanding wood craftsman; his opponents will always remember his exploits in the field of domino; some have seen him in action in kick-boxing at the club; while others remember him as a chef capable of catering for well over two hundred people.
   His life began in Montego Bay, but he later moved to nearby Anchovy before moving farther to Catadupa where he attended the primary school of the community. He later went back to live in Montego Bay and joined the Montego Bay Boys And Girls Club in 1971. By-1974 he was teaching woodwork. He did not join the club to be a part of the marching band as most members. However, he can remember taking part in two marches. He was always too busy to be a member of the marching band.
   He was also a good athlete representing the club in football from the second division level to first division. When the Boys Club division two team got promoted to division one, Posey played for the newly-promoted team.
   After hanging up his boots, he turned to refereeing. His most memorable match was a first division game in Albion, St. James between the now defunct Diggers and another team. After the match was blown off, he remembers a Diggers player sneaking up from behind to thump him. He knew the attacker well, but did not refer him to the disciplinary committee. Posey did eight years in the field before blowing his final whistle in 1997.
   Posey, whose birth date falls on November 26, has one boy and one girl. He was first married in 1996 to a wonderful lady who died in 2007. His second marriage was to Jennifer in 2009. She lives in New York.
   Posey is a devout Christian who attends the New Testament Church of God at 3 Water Lane in Montego Bay.
   It’s interesting to know that Posey is one of the cooks behind that large preparation of foods for the annual Randon’s Christmas and New Year’s treat on New Year’s Day at Boys Club. Everyone knows the potential of a chef of this calibre,
   He was the one that the Western Mirror hired to do the woodwork in the office which includes the partitions and the kitchen which has solicited thumbs- up from everyone who has had a chance to view it. 

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