Bus Drivers Peeved At Unruly Colleagues

No. 50 Friday, February 05, 2010
Bus drivers at the Lucea Municipal Park that ply the Lucea — Montego Bay route are expressing their utter disgust and anger at their indisciplined counterparts.

   The errant drivers regularly break the loading line and load their buses in the drive way instead, partially blocking it and disrupting the free flow of motor vehicles through the park. It has also been observed that some bus drivers load their buses in the park’s exit as well as on the road way outside of the park, which is the designated loading area.
   Drivers who maintain their positions in line are complaining that they wait hours for their first load while other drivers who disregard the rules, make several trips loading outside of the designated area. One driver said “I have been here since 9.30 a.m. and got my first load just after 4.OOp.m. this can’t work”. Experiences such as the aforementioned among other drivers have caused tempers to flare and quarrels are frequent.
   They (orderly bus drivers), are calling for a police presence in the park to ensure the orderly loading of buses as well as the removal of the ‘backup’ men who many say harass passengers and often block them from entering the bus of their choice.

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