Foote's Swimwear And More

No. 50 Friday, February 05, 2010
Sonia Foote was born to design clothing. This petite woman can easily be misunderstood in her business establishment as an ordinary dressmaker, but after close scrutiny one easily recognizes a master at work.

   She has been sewing for over 20 years and acquired professional certification from Garmex.
   She has designed and modeled her clothing at various fashion shows all over the island and many of her pieces are sold to locals and tourists. Bitten by the ‘designing bug’ from a tender age while watching her mother, a dressmaker worked, she has had no regrets so far and enjoys making other persons feel and look special. Sonia Foote is a productive member of the Whitehouse community where she lives with her family, in her spare time she reads upon fashion trends extensively and listens to music to keep relaxed.
   When asked about her special secrets that help ladies who perceive that they have faults to cope, especially in swimwear, The confident Ms. Foote explained, ‘less than perfect legs/foot can be corrected by making a tights out of a sequin or see through material, very large breast can appear sexy and normal by the cut one chooses, very small breasts can be enhanced by padding the bra and so called big belly can appear normal by using stiffer or harder fabric in the belly area.” She was asked the question, why a two or one piece swimwear?
   She is willing to answer this and any other questions. And for the ladies with perfect shape or special areas that they want to focus on, she can also assist you, there’s no reason not to enjoy the beach anymore.

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