'Paid Parking Working Well' - says Sav. Mayor

No. 50 Friday, February 05, 2010
Four months into its ‘metered’ parking initiative, the Westmoreland Parish Council believes it has surpassed expectations.

   According to Chairman of the council and Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Bertel Moore, it has helped to “settle the town’s activity by reducing traffic congestion, while adding well needed funds to the council’s coffers.”
   “It has been going very well; I must say that the traffic situation has dramatically improved and parking has been regulated and monitored,” His Worship the Mayor said.
   Parking permits are sold at six authorized vending locations: Brook’s Bakery, Hammond’s      Pastry, Meat Plus Supermarket, The Parish Council Office and the Municipal Police.
   Failure to secure a permit while parked at a location for more that 10 minutes will result in your vehicle being clamped, the Mayor said.
   Up until the November 1 deadline, Savanna-la-Mar and its main arteries were chaotic scenes as motorists vied for the available parking spaces in particular Great George Street.
   Motorists too are pleased with the changes, though some argue their money could be going elsewhere, the consensus is that the move is working as expected.
   “Yes man, I think it is a great move because now taxi drivers and people using the town are aware that they cannot park anywhere they might want,” a motorists who gave his name only as Vincent said.
   “These are some of the responses we at the Parish Council have been receiving since we launched the paid parking system,” Mr. Moore said.

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