[COURTHOUSE]:::57y-o American Woman Fined For Cocaine

No. 50 Friday, February 05, 2010
A 57 year-old American woman, who was caught with a small quantity of cocaine while on her way out of the island was fined $70,000 in the Montego Bay RM Court on Tuesday, February 2.

   The accused, Audrey James of a Florida address could, however, spend 2 months in prison if the fine is not paid.
    She pleaded guilty to possession and attempting to export the illicit substance.
In mitigation, James’ attorney Martyn Thomas, said on the day in question, James had shared hotel room with her male companion who had checked out of the hotel leaving the packages behind.
    James, he said, then picked up the packages and placed them inside her pocket with the intention of taking them to her friend who had left for the airport.
    The attorney further explained that his client was late for her flight due to transportation problems and had forgotten that she had placed the packages in her pocket.
    He further stated that when his client informed the police of its ownership, the man was already on a flight to his destination.
Reports are that on January 13, 2010, James went to the Sangster International Airport where she checked in to board a flight to the
    While she was checking in, a random search was conducted on passengers and two transparent plastic bags with the contraband were removed from her pocket.
When cautioned, she reportedly said to the officer, “I was just

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