[OPINIONS]:::Robert Dalley’s WINNER FOR 2009 – Pt.2

No. 50 Friday, February 05, 2010
[POSTED BY::: Robert Dalley]
International Reggae superstar and Jamaican philanthropist, Shaggy, came out a big winner last year 2009.

   Earlier this month, he successfully held his annual charity Shaggy and Friends concert on the lawns of Jamaica House which was well supported I might add having attended that superb concert which brought out some of the country’s most popular performing artistes and singers. 
   The concert which was primarily organized by Shaggy along with his many corporate sponsors turned out quite well earning close to $30 million from ticket sales. Some $27 million earned from those ticket receipts went directly to the Bustamante Hospital for Children from Shaggy’s Make a Difference Foundation which was well appreciated according to the head of that hospital and from the Minister of Health, Hon. Ruddy Spencer. 
   Shaggy has been organizing those concerts like the one that was held last year December and has been making regular contributions to that Children’s Hospital for some years now thus making himself a Jamaican patriot and philanthropist par excellence. His charity foundation also assisted other needy persons and public institutions last year of which 1 am so proud of and fully thank him for his many acts of assistance though his well known foundation. His consistent commitment to the Bustamante Hospital through financial donations and other support is to be applauded within a national framework if you will and he has done the hospital proud by his financial donation last December of $27 million. 
   Through all of his charitable work in the country he has always remained a calm, collective, sincere and humble winner for 2009 person and I take great pleasure in naming him one of my winners for 2009. 

    Opposition Member of Parliament, Rev. Ronnie Thwaites, performed at a very high level last year being the most hardworking, vocal and outspoken parliamentarian on the back benches of Parliament. He tabled a number of private members motion in Parliament while contemporaneously, contributing pragmatically, constructively and sagaciously to the many Parliamentary debates which took place in the Lower House to the direct benefit of the citizens. 

   He made some important points in the Parliament sometimes even differing from the viewpoint of the party of which is a current serving member. This demonstrates that he is a mature, honest and principally professional member of parliament who fearlessly defended the rights of his constituents on most occasions in the House and worked very hard in Central Kingston to improve the constituency and his constituents. He is unambiguously one of the most informed Parliamentarians in the Lower House of Parliament taking his job seriously truly warranting the salary that he is earning as M.P on every single day unlike other Opposition M.P.s.
    Ronnie Thwaites who is one of the country’s Rhodes’ Scholar is the programme host of Independent Talk that is aired on POWER 106 FM each weekday morning between the hours of 5:30am through to 9:00pm and is rated as one of the country’s most listened to radio shows as was recently published by a prominent polling organization. This specific radio show has become known for dutifully providing its listeners with a broad range of relevant national information spanning the gamut of political, social and current affairs. He has received many awards for operating a highly informative, well structured and respected radio programme having been honoured by several organizations including Blue Cross of Jamaica, Jamaica Teachers’ Association and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management over the years. 

   Independent Talk was a magnificent success last with Thwaites having on the programme some of the leading politicians, business persons and social commentators expounding their varying points of views in different styles and ways and really allowing the programme to be penetrating and interesting from many angles so to speak while maintaining the highest levels of journalism standard. He has been a radio host for the past 34 years having started his journalism and broadcasting career in 1976 when he hosted the then ‘Public Eye programme on the former J.B.C. radio station. He is a well known attorney at law, Roman Catholic Deacon, farmer, businessman, broadcaster and newspaper columnist. And a former cofounder of the Jamaica Legal Aid Clinic. He has made a seminal contribution to the country in the main areas of broadcasting and representational politics last year and is one of my Winners for 2009. 
   I wish all my 2009 winners a successful, prosperous and rewarding New Year 2010. Also, it would be remiss of me if I did not wish the management, staff and fellow contributors of the Western Mirror newspaper all that is best with God’s blessings for the New Year 2010. Let us all commit for this new year 2010 to be outspoken, fearless and caring citizens who will ensure that the government performs always in the interests of us citizens and whenever they fail to do so, we must eloquently let them hear our voices and let them firmly understand that we will not tolerate any form of shabby government which is inimical to the country’s interest. Let us as citizens be forceful in condemning governmental corruption whenever it exists and takes place and always ensure that we get value for money from services of governmental agencies and organizations. Let us give a helping hand to the needy, sick and destitute whenever possible, make some level of sacrifice in this regard on a monthly basis for it more blessed to give than to receive. My comment for today: remember when writing tome via my email you do not have to be persnickety with your comments.

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