Civic society says thanks to Supt. Maurice Robinson

No. 55 Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Friends of the Police, a group of concerned citizens by the name of St. James Police Civic Association headed by businessman Donat Crichton last Wednesday, February 10, 2010, hosted a farewell reception for Supt. of Police, Maurice Robinson at the Montego Bay Police Station, in light of his impending transfer to St. Elizabeth where he will take up duty on February 16, 2010.

   ACP Denver Frater, in bringing greetings, lauded the work and efforts of Supt. Robinson as commendable and rewarding. "You have made significant headway in community policing, dismantling of criminal gangs and your work and contribution to the tranquility of St. James working in the interest of our citizens, I have benefited immensely. You have served well," he pointed out.
   Continuing ACP Frater noted that with Supt. Robinson's quiet, unique and unassuming personality and leadership qualities, coupled with the support of dedicated and committed officers who are willing to go out there at the risk of facing imminent danger to restore order in hot spots communities has earned him high marks.
   Meanwhile, former ACP, Enel Brydson, president of the Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica, St. James Chapter urged Supt. Robinson to continue the tremendous work he had started in the St. James Police Division to also benefit the St. Elizabeth Police Division. Mr. Brydson implored the police officers previously under the command of Supt. Robinson not worry about the detractors, despite the many challenges, the police force have many friends out there. "Do you work without fear or favour, you have the backing of the law and the constitution," he further urged.
   In his reply, Supt. Robinson extended gratitude and appreciation to the entire Area 1 Police Division and St. James Police Division in particular for the support and respect given and urged that the same level of support and dedication be afforded to his predecessor, Supt. Merrick Watson.
   Policing in Jamaica today he said, is in a very challenging position. "It is getting more and more difficult each year. When policing you have to be very professional, working hard and relentless without complaining, despite the many challenges faced. Please save this parish and Jamaica on a whole," he pleads with his fellow police officers,
   A good leader, good listener, has good qualities, possesses social graces, hard worker, excellent communicator, very unique, quiet and assuming are some of the accolades showed on Supt. Robinson by colleague, close associates and friends.

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