Duncans by-election postponed

No. 55 Wednesday, February 17, 2010
The Duncans division will have to wait at least another six months before they get a councilor for their division, this as the slated By-Election which was been highly anticipated in the area has been postponed. This has stunned many political observers and has seen the Opposition People's National Party crying foul.

   The vacancy was created following the death of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councilor Errol White last November and since that time, campaigning has reportedly been taking place in earnest. The announcement was made at the weekly sitting of the Trelawny Parish Council last week. Chairman of the Council and mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager, announced that the election would not be held based on advice from Dorothy Lightbourne, Attorney General.
   The decision to suspend the election was reportedly done on the advice of the Attorney General who advised that a By Election shall not be held if a vacancy occurs within six months proceeding June 1 in the year in which a local government general election.
   The election was expected to pit the PNP's Derek Gallimore against the JLP's Donovan White the son of deceased Councilor Errol White. Gallimore lost the 2007 Local Government Election by 29 votes to the JLP, however, he was commended, just three months prior the JLP Dennis JLP's Donovan White Meadows won the seat in the General Election by over 400 votes.
   This has led to persons now speculating that the elections were canceled because the sounding on the ground was not to the liking of the JLP therefore this route was taken.
   Does this mean that the local government election will be called in six months? Political watchers are keeping a keen eye on the situation.

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