[OPINION]:::Let the Christian values remain

No. 55 Wednesday, February 17, 2010
[POSTED BY::: anonymous The old saying that this country is a Christian nation is a stretched out version of the truth.

   Jamaica was at one time a Christian nation; that could be easily accepted. However, the hard cold fact is that elements within the society have tinkered with and twisted God's truth beyond recognition. So that notion has flown through an open window.
   Last week's revelation that the gay community has established their own place of worship is a slap in the face of those of us who truly serve the Lord.
   The scenario that God made people homosexual is one of the many lies the Devil uses to cloud the word of the Lord as given in the Bible. Some years ago, a prominent homosexual was killed and the gay community under their banner organization - J-Flag- was up in arms, threatening a march and to stoke the international gay lobby to push for sanctions against Jamaica.
   Homosexual couples, male and female are in the wrong as far as this country's laws goes. Any man found guilty of such an act is to be imprisoned. We urge the government and lawmakers of this country, not to shift one iota away from the established law, both God's and our constitution. '
   Furthermore, lesbians too should be brought to book. No man should be above the law.
   Interestingly, had God created two men in the Genesis story, where would his grand plan of procreation then be? Where then is the gay community's logic that implies that they were indeed created in that fashion. We maintain that homosexuality in itself is a lifestyle, which is either learnt/adopted or imposed on individuals; either way, to accept that it is innate in some folks is a blatant misrepresentation of natural facts.
   Jamaica's underground homo churchgoers must recognize their folly. The law should not be bent or stretched to accommodate these tendencies, which are in direct opposition to God's plan.
   We are not stoking the anti-gay fervor in society, but what we intend to do is to place in the public's reach an understanding of the role of law, what is wrong under our constitutional laws should not tampered with by any single group bent on carrying out their own agenda.
   Underground homosexual churches, church of Satan, where did they come from? We say Jamaica is not for sale, to neither the devil or his minions, therefore the Jamaican people should be allowed to live in the full freedom guaranteed under our laws. Our men and women who are so found to be involved in homosexual relationships are Jamaicans too.
   However, the law must prevail. If found these underground churches where homosexuals 'worship' should be turndown.

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