[The X-Factor]:::Let's talk about sex baby - Pt.1

No. 55 Wednesday, February 17, 2010
[With::: Brian Brown] 
In an age of overt commercialization of everything from God to Gaza, it's not surprising to find that the number one marketing tool for most any product is ... no not babies, cute as they are, it's good old-fashioned, re-packaged, over-priced sex.

   Even angels and devils in movies have to project some sort of sex appeal. I mean, Jesus had a six pack right? And Mary, well she could have posed for Victoria's Secret if she wanted to. No matter who's being portrayed, they seldom ever look like everyday people, unless history or the source stipulated they do. Sex is the true universal currency of exchange, of favours, emotions and diseases. And its pimp is money. A metropolis, developing township or wilderness settlement may differ economically but it all comes back to animals of instinct seeking to satisfy the most basic of human urges ... hunger and horniness.
                      SEX SELLS.....EVERYTHING!
   Think of one item sex isn't used to sell. Take your time. Ok, so you've probably come up with The Bible and things related to that or baby products or services for the infirmed or elderly. Ads like those appeal to the cuteness quotient, family commitment or the humanity in us. But check out most baby product ads and there's a good-looking Mom in there somewhere beaming at her new born. Her looks and attire are not coincidental. Mommy is meant to look hot, even if understatedly so. As for the others, it's a subliminal suggestive reference to things romantic, in the person of an elderly couple walking in the meadows, smiling, happy to be at Everest Retirement Home. Try promoting an event or marketing just about any personal effect product without using a scantily clad female, luring in leering men and competing females. The premise is that the mere prospect, however small the probability of IT actually happening may be is enough to attract men in droves to buy things that make us feel better about ourselves, but more importantly makes us more marketable and attractive to the opposite sex. Success is the gateway to more sex. More money means more sex more than likely and is a miraculously effective tool to get your object of affection to ignore most of your physical or personality shortcomings. Governments, empires have fallen because of sex - desire of it, lack thereof or too much of it I suppose. Left unchecked, it can drive us mad, convince us that an undesirable is a suitable mating prospect and lead us down the path of addiction and poor decision-making. All that for five minutes of pleasure ...
                            EVERYBODY'S DOING IT!
   Is it just me or does just about everybody seem to be sleeping with everybody these days? It makes finding someone special that much harder. I mean nobody wants to find out your date has dated half your friends. Can't be a good feeling. But in open relationships and women taking what they want on their terms, getting sex is about as easy as catching a taxi, complete with rates and levels of luxury. A robot might get you there quickly and cheaper, but at what cost to your health.
   Taking a ride in a route taxi will definitely get you where you're going for a pre-determined fare, but you're sharing with at least four other persons. Then there's the mixing with all those other passengers at the sex terminal. Going the charter route might prove more expensive but you usually get your money's worth; comfort, privacy and convenience. Persons in long-term relationships frown at this kind of banter. They'll tell you in no uncertain manner that their love is real, and that's their only currency. No doubt that exists, but in the game of life someone's always paying the bills, one way or another. Many times it takes the form of unwritten understanding. You stay home and housekeep, I'll bring home the bacon. You keep me at the standards I'm accustomed to and we can hang out and be a couple, for now. Sounds a bit like exchange of services for money, but it is what it is. Ever wanted to be the fly on the wall at an all women's soiree? I mean the type where they're all good friends and it's a no-holds barred conversation about sex. Who's bigger, lame, amazing in and out of bed etc. Sadly, the not so flattering side is hard to swallow. I mean, every man thinks he's a sex god, it's true. But, a Pixie confessed that many times, ready for this, women fake it. Oh no, the horror! Yes, often when you think you're going for the record, she's playing back her recorded messages in her head ... "hmm, who'd I forget to call?" but you're hearing, 'Oh yeah baby'. Or she may be planning tomorrow's schedule or pondering car servicing while you're well, servicing her. 'Faster. Who's your daddy?' Yeah, I know. I crossed the line, but you know it's true. And, why is it that the seemingly most demure girls are the freakiest? As for the newly initiated virgins and newlyweds, well, before long they're schooling the teacher, and he's struggling to keep up gasping for air, crying cree, with a stupid grin on his face. How do you use sex? For affection, to rack up frequent flyer points, as currency for services or good behavior? Tune in next week when we go deeper to find out what makes men and women tick, tick, tick, and explore the imagination - the most potent of sexual organs. Now get back to work....

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