New Catholic cathedral opened in Little London

No. 55 Wednesday, February 17, 2010
The construction of the newly built St. Luke's Catholic Cathedral in Little London, Westmoreland, is being hailed as a very timely move and many residents have expressed their gratitude to the diocese.

   The St. Luke's Church was recently officially dedicated and handed over to the people of Little London and its environs by Bishop of Montego Bay, the most Rev. Charles Dufour, who also oversees the Westmoreland diocese.
   Some residents believe that having received a new church in the community is the best gift they could have received both for their Christmas and New Year.
   Construction of the building was made possible through the generosity of Elfreda Simpson, who donated the land; Food for the Poor (Florida Branch); the Franciscan Friars of Cincinnati, USA; Diocese of Montego Bay and the Society for the Proclamation of the Faith:
   Chairman of the building committee of the St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Savanna-la-Mar, Osmond 'Ossie' Clarke, explained that Little London was an area that had not been properly served by the religious community, adding that with the new church being built represented a significant achievement on the part of the catholic religion. "This building will serve its intended purpose," Mr. Clarke said.
   "Formerly, members and prospective members of the catholic faith residing in and around the Little London community had to be using a schoolroom as a temporary place of worship," he said. "This church will now provide a permanent home for all."
   Mr. Clarke said the facility was constructed with the added feature of operating a soup kitchen. "The intention is to establish a soup kitchen later.
   "The sisters who work at the church are very instrumental in providing meals for persons who cannot otherwise afford it, as well as providing counselling for members of the church as well as the community," Mr Clarke said.
   "St. Luke's is of significant contribution to the community and will also serve as an outreach for all and we hope more souls will be won for Christ through the youth members," Mr. Clarke said.

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