Jamaican Recording Labels Highlighted For REGGAE MONTH

No. 51 Monday, February 08, 2010
Four Jamaican labels (Channel One, Rockers International, Randy's Records and Derrick Harriott's Crystal Label) and the major contribution they made to shaping Reggae music will be highlighted on Power 106FM during Reggae Month.
   The four labels are a part of a series of 12 features called From Heartbeat to Drumbeat, which were first aired on XM satellite radio - with a reach of over 8 million subscribers - during 2008 and into 2009.
    Heartbeat to Drumbeat is the brain child of Jamaican broadcasters, Patrick Lafayette and Michael Thompson as well as Ernie 'Daddy Ernie' Harriott from Choice FM in London. The half hour audio programme is a combination of information on the labels, interviews as well as songs and artistes produced by the labels.
    "So many people - especially the youth - don't know much about the history of the music. With Heartbeat to drum beat they get to hear some of the people who made the music and their adventures in the early days," said Lafayette.
    On Monday, February 1, the first feature highlighting the life and work of music icon Derrick Harriott was aired. On February 6, Harriott will celebrate his birthday - falling in line with other Reggae greats - Dennis Brown (February 1) and Bob Marley (February 6). On Monday, Feb 8, the Channel One story will be heard, followed by Randy's (now VP Records) on February 15 and Rockers International on February 22. The programmes are aired at 9:30am each Monday.
    "I am very happy with the support it has received so far," said Lafayette, Director of Twin Audio Network - the company that has produced the series. Airtime for the features has been sponsored by both local and international labels. Sponsors include the Dennis Brown Trust, Penthouse Records, Jamaica Association of Vintage Artistes and Affiliates (JAVAA), Anchor Recording Studios, Merritone Music, Tuff Gong International and the Bob Marley Museum. Channel One, Rockers International, VP Records and Derrick Harriott One Stop are also sponsors.
    "Heartbeat to Drumbeat is exciting as it captures the experiences of the labels as they worked with the artistes to make it all happen," said broadcaster Mikey Thompson.
    "Heartbeat to Drumbeat' presents an opportunity for reggae fans, to discover where this music came from, the labels that produced it and how that music conquered not only the Jamaican audience but the world," said musicologist Dermott Hussey when he reviewed the product for airing on XM satellite radio.

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