FED UP!: Annoyed Granville residents press cops

No. 51 Monday, February 08, 2010
Residents and the Granville Peace Justice and Resource Development Foundation, got a sense of assurance when they laid their concerns to the Bureau of Special Investigation on issues relating to the current police killings of persons within the community.

   The meeting was held at the Granville Community Centre, on Thursday, February 4.
   Persons representing the BSI were ACP G. Gouse, ACP D. Frater and Corporal C. Richards, while persons representing the Foundation were Director O. Dave Allen and Chairwoman Nichole Allen, Attorney-at-Law.
   Residents approached the BSI, inquiring how investigations are proceeding, with regards to bringing to justice various police personnel who are accused of innocently killing residents from as far back as 2007. They fast-forwarded to the recent slaying of 20 year-old Charles 'David' Clarke and 18 year-old Kevin 'Buju' Wilson, in which an infant's toe got shot off during the incident.
   ACP Gouse assured them that these cases are being followed up and are thoroughly being investigated, but informed residents on the many time consuming steps and procedures that each case has to go through. For instance, when a matter is investigated and findings are handed over the DPP for ruling, the BSI has no influence on anything thereafter and will just have to wait. This he said could take weeks or longer.
   "Last year alone, the BSI had 126 investigative cases in St. James and for the New Year we already have 11 shooting incidents investigating," said ACP G. Gouse.
   "The process cannot be done in a week or so, it has to be of a particular standard."
   "The remarks about cases and ballistic reports being held over a long period of time is not solely due to the BSI, but to several independent external bodies and their procedures that each report must follow."
   ACP Gouse further informed residents on their rights as citizens and how to seek legal help whenever there is a mishap with the police. He explained that, residents should not be forced out of their house during a search and should observe the officer(s) who is performing the act.
   He also stated that a plan to establish a BSI office in St. James is underway and also to have future meeting with the residents in the area.

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