[OPINIONS]:::The secret lives of policemen

No. 51 Monday, February 08, 2010
[POSTED BY::: anonymous]
For too long have policemen (and women) allowed themselves to be fingered in the deepest and darkest abyss of corruption, fraud and scandal. The dishonesty of the supposed upholders of the law knows no bounds, and the criminal activities and secret lives of these 'bad apples' are making the rounds, as it were, in the media on a near day to day basis.

It is not that we don't know of these activities, but as a people we are so caught up with the 'street code' of silence that we overlook and - where necessary - cover up the sins of our fellow countryman. The police strongholds should be the safest places on earth, out of the reach of criminals and other wrongdoers. But, alas, the watchmen are indeed the ones who need to be watched.
When the armoury of the police force can be broken into and weapons taken from its arsenal to be distributed amongst criminals on the streets, then we know that the nation is indeed in deep trouble. Who watches the watchers?
    The policeman that is suspected to be in league with the criminals is just an example of the kind of mess that is at the head of the stream. The cleansing has to start there. Brother Bob sang, "If night should turn to day, a lot of people would run away". This is indeed so. The secret sins committed - if exposed - would cause such a public spectacle that the guilty would 'take the wings of the morning and fly'.
    Policemen are fingered in crimes ranging from: murder, armed robbery, scams, rape, and assault, among others. There needs to be a cleansing. The force needs a shaking, a stirring and a total reshaping. The head needs to be
cleaned first and the culprits identified and flushed out.
    The secret deeds need to be exposed and the outlaws brought to justice. No man should be allowed to live above the law. From Gordon House to alms house should face the full brunt of the law when found guilty of breaking such.
    Now that the secrets are being exposed, with bated breath we await the unfolding of the appropriate actions that SHOULD follow.

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