Shebada Ready For 'Serious Business' At Pier One

No. 51 Monday, February 08, 2010
Pier One should once more be bursting at the seams on Valentines' Day, Sunday, February 14, for the new roots play: "Serious Business" that will headline the hilarious Keith Ramsey - the man who theatre fans know as Shebada. However, in Serious Business he is known as Pastor Brother Shibby.
    Supporting roles will come from stalwarts such as Maxwell Grant (who assumes the role of Shepherd), Volier Johnson (who plays Elder), Deon Silvera (the wife of Elder), Abigail Grant (Hot Pepper), Junior Williams (Finga), Wayne Newby (Papa Glory) and Pianciana Ennis (Queenie).
    According to the story, Elder owns a church which is in recession. In a desperate move to bring the church back on its feet, Elder employs the services of Pastor Brother Shibby who portrays a no-nonsense mood in his quest to win back the congregation.

    "I am almost certain that Serious Business is going to surpass the attendance crowd for any previous play with Shebada," says a member or Stages Production, the producers of the event and other plays such as 'Shebada Comes To Town', 'Di Driva', 'Bashment Granny', 'Passa Passa', 'Money Worries' (to name a few).
    Before landing at Pier One, 'Serious Business' will hit Falmouth on Friday, February 12 at a place called Wet N' Wild. On Saturday, Westmoreland fans will get their taste when it is showcased at Hotel Comingle in Sav-la-Mar. Showtime for both venues is 8:30 p.m.
Showtime is 7:30 p.m.

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