[Entertainment]:::PETER LLOYD: Finds Himself In Searching

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Be certain not to tell Peter Lloyd he is not native to St. James. The reggae balladeer and actor has adopted the second city as his hometown.

  On one such trek, he sat down with our editor at the Western Mirror for an in depth look at his career, his prospects and take on Jamaica's music industry.
  Well, for those of you who - may have left this planet for a while - Lloyd now has
another number one hit to credit.
  The multi-talented actor/ songwriter and recording artiste continues to make steady progress with his latest effort.
'Searching', produced by renowned saxophonist Dean Fraser on the Canon Production label.
  On January 29th the single composed by Lloyd shot to the top of the local FIWI Choice charts landing the singer his second No.1 in two years, his first was 'Oh My Darling' in 2008 for Backlight Records.
  The single is now enjoying favourable rotation on the international airwaves on stations such as WGFS and WATB in Atlanta, WAYS in South Florida, WVIP and VibeOne FM, New York and Big Links Radio in New Jersey last Friday jumped three spots to No.25 after making its debut at No.28 on the New York Top 30 Reggae Charts two week earlier.
  Lloyd a hard worker who tries to balance a hectic acting career with his musical endeavours told the Western Mirror that he was pleased with progress the chart topper is making.
  "I am very pleased with the progress of the single, but we not going to stop there," Lloyd said.
  Peter Lloyd, who has been a long-standing member of the acting fraternity, currently plays a lead role in the local drama series 'The Blackburns' aired every Sunday on CVM Television.
Lloyd described himself as a 'new wave' rasta and a determined father of two.,
  "But most of all I see myself not as an artiste but as a businessman. I have taken instruction (on the business) from icons such as Dean Fraser and Beres Hammond."
  "Which has served to direct me in this business," Lloyd said.
  Being a musician is no cakewalk, according to Peter Lloyd, who pointed out the industry, is stressful.
  Lloyd disclosed that his love for the arts, while evolving over the years, has remained his true passion.
  "I started singing at an early age while attending Dunrobin Primary in St. Andrew and while attending church. I have grown to appreciate music and acting. But I really believe the music chose me," Lloyd said.
  Lloyd's journey has been nothing short of painstaking. He now has another chart topper in 'Searching' and he believes the path has now been open for his brand of music to fully recognize and appreciated.
  It doesn't stop there, next up is another single entitled 'Blood On Your Hands' due to hit the airwaves in six weeks, according to Lloyd. This track too is produce by Fraser.
  Is he guaranteeing a hit? Absolutely. "This one I tell you is gonna be a huge hit for us," Lloyd said.
  'Searching' is getting a whole lot of air-play in Atlanta, Florida, New York and all the major reggae loving areas in the states right now," Lloyd said.
  Lloyd said the long awaited album could drop by the end of the year and will feature the hit single 'Searching' and 'Blood On Your Hands'.

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