'OB' was killed innocently' - says mother

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
A heartbroken mother accused the police of innocently killing her son, 21 year-old Oval' Belle, in Flanker on Friday, January 29 in the parish.

   Angella Nairne, mother of the deceased broke down in tears' at our offices as she relayed what had occurred.
   She stated that she got a call from her son in the early morning that the police were at his house and so she went over there.
   When she tried to enter the house, an officer barred her from entering and sprayed pepper spray into her eyes, causing her to rush to a nearby pipe to wash out the substance.
   She reported that, Belle tried to exit the house, but an officer said not to let him to and he was pushed back in. The officers then entered the house with a white cloth said to contain a gun.
   "The police hold and drag him into the house where shortly after I heard the shots," said Ms. Nairne.
   "While I was crying out for 'murder' another officer came, punched me in my abdomen and sprayed me again, then threw stones at me." .
   Nairne further added that Belle's body was taken out of the house and was put in the back of a police van.

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