[OPINIONS]:::The Race of Greatness

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
[POSTED BY::: anonymous] Jamaica is predominantly a black nation, mixed with people of other ethnicity that has resulted in a special blend of people, whose destiny is greatness.

   Yet at this time when we celebrate Black History Month, it is distressing that a significant segment of the society rarely identify with the essence of being black.
   Our fore parents' struggled, ancestral lands taken away, our people were' made to believe they were indifferent and less of a human being. The colour of our skin became pawn in a race war that spanned several hundred years.
   The twentieth century arrived and the black man was en- lightened. We learnt after all, that indeed we were people of value and power. Yet there remain some who, for whatever reason, will not allow their minds to be emancipated,
   The bleaching phenomenon have swept Jamaica like a hurricane, Old, young, male and female are hooked on changing the way God made them.
   Strong, young, black Jamaican youths, make themselves slaves to the bleaching cream to satisfy their suppressed need for acceptance. The legendary reggae icon, Bob Marley had it right. Taking the chains from off the man does not necessarily free him, It is mental.
   We say to our sons and daughters at this particular time; Gone should be the days when the dark pigmentation of your skin meant you were less of a person. Be proud and stand strong in full knowledge that half the battle has been won. The other half remains a challenge that is winnable but only if we accept who are.
   Our greatness has withstood the sands of time. Each passing generation leaves untold stories of outstanding accomplishments both at home and abroad.
   The recently passed Rex Nettleford, the late Ms. Louise Bennett-Coverly, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Michael Manley, Hugh Shearer, Mary Seacole, Alton Ellis are but a few our great assets that have passed on.
   Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Veronica Campbell-Brown are but a sample of our greats that still are with us, yet the misguided few appear oblivious to their self-worth.
   We are valuable, indeed priceless. Do not allow ourselves to be sold into mental slavery. Jamaica is a most wonderful country and in spite of our prolonged economic hardship and burgeoning crime problem, we stand as a united people, strong, resilient and driven to achieve the highest for our
   Our motto "Out Of Many, One People" should further galvanize our hard-won freedom and should serve as a battle cry against the divisive self-hating elements within us.

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