[Entertainment]:::Black Blunt for Black Party

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
One of Westmoreland's top sound systems, Black Blunt will join the likes of Code Red, Classique, Hypnotiz, Crazy Chris and Dexter Peppa all of which will be providing the music for the anticipated Black Party.

  The event is set for Ash Wednesday, February 17, at the Knutsford Parking Lot near to the Pier One venue in Montego Bay.
  The party will also highlight some of Jamaica's top dancers such as Marvin, Chi Ching Ching, 4 Star, Colour Squad, Global Squad, Ila and Dyema. Last year, the event was held at Cornwall Court, but the promoters have opted for a more suitable venue where patrons can feel comfortable.
  There will also be a crazy drink special, plus surprise guest appearances. Some of the sponsors are Slimatic, MoBay Empire, Links FM and Pitbull Energy Drink. This is a Black History Month special and the dress code is black.

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