[Entertainment]:::Beenie Man for Slip N' Slide Anniversary

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
International dancehall artiste, Moses 'Beenie Man' Davis is the top act slated to take centre stage at the first staging of Slip N' Slide Anniversary which will be held in Montego Bay on February 28, 2010.

  The first class entertainment package will be the first of its kind ever to be held in the second city and will feature several other acts such as Lappa Leng, White Knight, War Face, Kitty Paw Nesbeth and Fire Lion.
  Slip and Slide Sunday shows have been the brain child of Diamond in the Rough Production and for the past years has been the event which have captivated the hearts of entertainment lovers in Montego Bay. The team has now joined forces with Jagra energy drink and Lappa Leng Promotions to host the show.
  According to the promoting team, the anniversary will be held at the Harbour Street Car Park along Harbour Street in Montego Bay and will feature a number of top sound systems and selectors such as Sound Glacier, Insomniak, Pure Playazz and Classique.
  The day's attractions will kick off at approximately 12 noon with several attractions such as bike stunting, Football, bounce a bout, pool and foam machine. Fun filled entertainment will continue up until 12 midnight courtesy of sponsors such as Wayout Clothing, 1 Luv Tv, Cee Tv, Yardy Vibes, Mels Auto Care and Linkz FM.
  Beenie Man and the other slated entertainers will be expected to deliver several of their old and recent hits.

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