Fatal Crash: Passenger dies, driver hospitalized

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
One man was killed and another injured in a motor vehicle collision at Bay Road in Little London, Westmoreland, on Sunday.

   Dead is 21 year-old mechanic Odane Williams of Little London, while injured is Damon Spencer, 24, of Sheffield, both in Westmoreland. Williams is said to also be a go cart driver.
   Information from the CCN's Liaison Officer for the parish is that about 10 p.m., Williams was a passenger aboard a Toyota Starlet motor car driven by Spencer. On reaching a section of the road, Spencer lost control of the car which crashed into a utility pole. The men sustained injuries and were taken to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital where Williams died and Spencer admitted.
   Jenifer Nathan, mother of Odane Williams said that at the time of the accident, she was on observation in the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital and saw the driver of the car when he was admitted.
   She managed to speak with him for a brief moment but all she learnt was that he had a steering wheel problem and he lost control of the vehicle.
   She remembered Odane working on that same car all week last week, only for it to claim his life on Sunday.
   The Savanna-la-Mar Traffic Department is investigating.
   Ms Nathan, described Odane as an obedient child, whom she regards as a genius. Ms. Nathan said that while Odane was not as gifted academically, he was a real genius with his hands and could make or repair anything electrical or mechanical. She said that Odane previously made a go cart and got in an altercation with the police and the vehicle was seized.
   She went on to say that he was given back the vehicle and ordered not to be caught driving the cart on the road again. He dismantled the vehicle and turned his attention to 'fixing cars.
   He was also known for his driving skills and his jovial demeanor.

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