N.Q.C.T.S Greenwood Sizzles Again

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Western Jamaica will now collectively say, "Yes, finally it's here and not just in Kingston". This is so because N.Q.C.T.S Greenwood has rolled out its long awaited Sunday Social Cooking Showcase, a very special cooking programme for male and female professionals only.

  Indeed, males and females who want to learn to prepare meals for family and friends and who want to be in the know about food, beverages and social dining now have the fantastic and welcomed opportunity to learn from some of Jamaica's top chefs and food connoisseurs. The cooking programme which will be developed for a television series is opened only to business professionals and other persons working at the supervisory and managerial levels both privately and publicly.

  In an interview with Chef Peter Gooden, he made it quite clear that the programme will not be for everyone and will be for males and females who are into social dining and want to see and learn the artistry of preparing quality meals. "We are catering only for groups such as business people, young professionals, managers, supervisors, civil servants at a certain level etc, said Chef Gooden, the extraordinary and eclectic founder of N.Q.C.T.S training school and conceptualizer of the wonderful Sunday Social Cooking Showcase.

  The Sunday Social Cooking Show will be held every other Sunday in Greenwood St. James at the food and beverage studios and will have 12 mega classes starting March 21, 2010. Each participant will learn about aperitifs, appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, desserts, after meal beverages such as wines, Cognacs, Armagnacs, liqueurs and a whole host of exciting things to enhance their dining and social dexterity. French cuisine such as Souffle, Creme Brulee, Fillet Mignon a la mode, lobster Jahleela Citrus Beurre Blanc, Sushi from Japan,Pastas and Minestrone from Italy, Fondue from Switzerland, Gazpacho and more from Spain, Cous-Cous and Wallala from Africa, plus a myriad of delectable fare from home. According to Chef Gooden, "Too many of us get uncomfortable or almost scared when we start reading a menu. This cooking programme will help to extricate that phobia that we may have at a dining table or buffet line. I promise it will be a gastronomical encapsulation with couth company and a Smorgasbord of good eats", asserted Chef Gooden.


  Already flooded with calls, registration is presently in progress. Persons will be able to pay in full or choose the triple installment plan to pay for" the cooking training show. Companies are also registering their employees and there is a discount for three or more persons.

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