[COURTHOUSE]:::Car Dealer on Fraud Charge Makes Restitution

No. 52 Wednesday, February 10, 2010
An alleged car dealer continues to make restitution to a St. James man after pleading guilty to fraudulent conversion.

   Sheldon Headley of Irwin Gardens, St. James is accused of defrauding the complainant after he took the man's US$9,000 to provide him with a motor car, which never materialized.
   When the matter came before the Montego Bay RM Court on Thursday, February 4, Headley handed over JA$90,000 to the complainant.
   He has an outstanding balance of US$2,945 to pay the complainant.
   The matter will again be mentioned on March 4 and Headley had his bail extended until then.
   Sometime in March 2009, the complainant reportedly paid Headley US$9,400 for a 2006 Subaru motor car which Headley promised to deliver on a given date.
   When that did not materialize, the complainant contacted Headley who gave him several other dates and failed to fulfill his obligation.
   Headley later told the complainant that he did not purchase the vehicle but used the money to do other business instead.
   The matter was reported to the police, which resulted in Headley's arrest.

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