Collapsed Light Post Leaves Norwood Residents In The Dark

No. 60 Monday, March 1, 2010
Residents in Paradise Norwood, St. James are angry at the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), for the tardy manner in which it has dealt with a light post in their community which collapsed on Thursday February 23, at about 11 p.m., leaving them in darkness and damaging their appliances.

   A visit by the Western Mirror to the affected community, revealed the unstable wooden post.
   "This post has been bro­ken near ten years now and was held up by light wires, stated affected resident Rupert 'Busta' Allen when we visited the area. "It burst into flames when it fell last night, creating darkness for us and a power surge which destroyed some of our appliances.
   Allen also told the Western Mirror that he along with other commuters had been complaining to the JPS over the years to fix the problem. He said when it was broken it, JPS came and installed the new concrete light post and told the residents that they would transfer the wires off the broken one to the new post at a later date, but this he said never came true for it has been 10 years now;
   Allen wants to be reimbursed for his lost appliances and is planning to take legal action against the company for the problem which he said could be avoided.
   The Western Mirror tried to contact JPS but to no avail.

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