Knockalva Technical High School Stages Career Day

No. 60 Monday, March 1, 2010
On Thursday February 11, 2010, the Knockalva Technical High School hosted its annual Career Day Symposium, which in recent years has included a number of government and non-government agencies.

   However, what made this Career Day different was the paradigm shift - focusing on Career Development by grade level and the technical vocation areas offered by the institution.
   Over 220 ninth grade students participated in the Career Day Program with over ten speakers including teachers. The school's auditorium was tactically arrayed to capture the eleven (11) vocational areas being offered by the school, namely; Mechanical Engineering, Auto Mechanics, Electrical and Electronics Installation, Building Technology, Plumbing, Home Economics Management, Foods and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Cosmetology, Agricultural Science and Visual Arts.
   A dedicated team of faculty members and invited guests made presentations to the eager and energetic group of young people. They were enthused and motivated at the courses of study available to them at the institution in which they were currently enrolled. Notwithstanding, the activities were primarily focused on the skilled areas being offered by the school. A dynamic motivational presentation entitled 'Get on Track' was rendered by Pastor Floyd White of the Mt. Carey Seventh Day Adventist Church. Mrs. Suzanne Hammond, Health Education Officer for the parish of Westmoreland 'walked' the students through a Career Planning guide.
   Mr. Everton Dixon, Marketing, Public Education Officer, HEART Trust NTA, gave an overview of the services available at this institution for persons who choose to become internationally certified within their desired skilled vocation. He emphasized the importance of pursuing the accredited programmes being offered by HEART and indicated that this should be their key focus upon completion of secondary education.

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