Gully Embassador Football Club Injects Positivity

No. 60 Monday, March 1, 2010
The Gully Embassador Football Club was started in 2007 in Gully, Montego Bay by Ted Dailey, who then became the manager of the team. The current coach is Edwin Alcock and the captain is Asornie Binger.

   The football team start­ed as a six-a-side community league and when the club was ready for bigger competition, the first match was a Division 'Iwo encounter. The team has never lost a match since they started playing.
   Asornie Binger who plays the left mid-field position and who has been with the team since its be­ginning, told the Western Mirror that he knows that Gully Ambassadors is now doing their best and will soon be moving forward to bigger victories.
   "I am confident the team will reach its ultimate goal. In 2010, we will prove that we are the best in St. James," he said.
   Gully Embassador is the current holder of three titles; the Division One, Division Two and the Steve Bucknor Knockout Championship.
   Team members are committed to their goals and train hard and consistently. Training is held at the Dump Up beach every evening.
   Despite the team's lack of sponsorship, its 25 players are positive that they will be victorious in matches to come.
   The team's main purpose is to lower or stop the violence in the community of Gully in St. James.
   Binger states that the club has made the community less crime ridden since its start-up. The young men in the area now look forward to enjoying the game of football in the evenings. It also gives them something to do to occupy their time.
   With the relocation of the Seba United football club from the Gully community ,local players decided to join-the Gully. Embassador team which filled the void.
   "We would like some sponsorship,"
Binger states. Club members believe they are more than deserving of support and note that sponsors would find their efforts well re­warded.
   They were victorious in Division One competition last season. They are now looking forward to the senior league this football season and thereafter the confederation league.
   From this point, Asornie Binger says, it will be a sure journey to the top ­at the Digicel Premier League level.

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