[ENTERTAINMENT]:::Queen Ital on the Move

No. 130 Friday, August 20, 2010
By Okoye Henry
A talented singer, excellent music writer and years of exposure and stage performance, 28 year-old Queen Ital is making her move to become the next big female artiste in the island.

    Originally from Kingston and now a resident of Montego Bay, the multi-talented singer is steadily gaining popularity due to her work in promoting herself and career, which, by the way is poised for great things.
   In 2005, Queen Ital released her first track, “I Was Born A Slave” on the Family Tree Riddim, that also featured established artistes such as Peter Lloyd, Paul Elliot and Ernie Smith, just to name a few. She later produced a second track dubbed, ‘Can’t Take It No More.’
   On May 22 this year, Queen Ital appeared at Club 3000 in Lucea, Hanover where she performed alongside top acts like I-Octane, I-Wayne, Influential, Nature and Major Lloyd among others.
   However, this performance is nothing new to Queen Ital, as back in 2008, she won an Axe Body competition, coming up against nine other contestants. She has had other acts in the past too that have molded her ability as a top class act.
   Born in Manchester, Queen Ital moved to Kingston where she grew up and first discovered her talent as a singer.
   “From I was small, I realized that I really had a talent and everybody kept saying I sounded good, so all this influence motivated me to enter the industry.”
   She is a former student at the Greater Portmore High School, but failed to complete her years due to an illness in Grade 10, which caused her to drop out of school.
   Leaving school, she did some work with a few producers; one such was from Dueler Music Production who wanted to sign her. However, Queen Ital rejected the offer because she never had a lawyer to help her through the deal.
   Now in Montego Bay, she is doing some work in the studio with the help of her new manager, Alan Lewin. Queen Ital spends time with her two kids. She also hangs with well known MC Allan Ranks.
   “To any upcoming artistes, I just want to say work at it whichever way you can, to make it reach out in the forefront. Many times you may consider giving up, but when you look back and see how you wowed people and let them feel good with your music, you just have to continue holding on to your dream.”

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