Robbers - A menace to Bogue Village residents

No. 130 Friday, August 20, 2010
The Freeport Police are reporting an increase in robberies in the Bogue Village Housing Scheme.

   Information gleaned is that the community has been hit hard by thieves, who have made away with several expensive pieces of household items including jewellery, electronic equipment, clothing and other valuables. As a result, the police have staged dragnets to catch the culprits.
   “Residents must make sure their homes are properly lit at nights, and ask for neighbourhood help, to secure their property in the days, when they are away at work," the officer urged.
   Over the last couple of months, dozens of robberies have been carried out in the community. Most of these robbers, it is believed, use the Granville border, Bogue Hill and Whales Pond areas as a route to smuggle the stolen items.
   Victims told the Western Mirror that they have lost thousands of dollars in appliances, household articles, electronics equipment, clothing, jewellery and cash.
   Lincoln Daley, a business-man and home owner in Bogue, indicated that over the past month, his house was broken into and that he has lost close to $1 million in cash and household items to the robbers.
   One robbery victim said a search of her residence after it had been burgled, led her to a dirt track leading from the scheme to the Bogue Hill community, where a number of items were recovered.
   She said the police were told of rumours that points to household items being sold at the Charles Gordon Market and their jewellery items to the Cash for Gold vendors along Barnett Street.
   The police confirmed that they are aware of these allegations and will be carrying out several patrols in the area and into the allegations that the items are being sold inside the Charles Gordon Market.

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