[SAV SUSS]:::Nobody does it better

No. 130 Friday, August 20, 2010
By Savannah Joe
When they terminated the services of the employee for stealing, everywhere she went, she ensured that similar to the wandering Jew there was mass destruction and a rapid rate of staff turnover.

   She minded coworkers business’, befriended them and took back news to the boss who had her manipulated them. Staff who has been employed for umpteenth years was suddenly sent on unpaid vacation leave, many were sent home on trumped up charges. Despite the fact that she was previously an employee in the position of teller until her hand was caught in the till, she has since vowed to get even. She tossed about for some time, being a lady of the night, having the boss as one of her regulars, until she finally became the boss’ trophy. Never one to be seen without the other, even though the boss had a woman with whom he shared a love child and a love nest for a decade and a half, he was heard boasting to his friends that what she did, his woman at yard was not that accommodating, she, however, had a goal to accomplish and she did all that he wanted I and more, now the woman at yard has been banished to the key west, while she is the missus of the lonely manor. When the woman at yard accompanied by family members decided to visit her love child while he was here on holidays and to check on her investments, she was told by security to wait at the gate for him to ascertain what her visiting rights would be and whether or not she had free access to the property; as while the property does not belong to the manager, he has shares in it because the real owner has been deported from the island owing to too much dealing in and exportation of the seasonal vegetables
   The shock of it all was when she sashayed through those gates to inform her predecessor that she could only enter in the forecourt as the man did not want a scene to be unfolding in the presence of his guests. A scene did unfold with a waif like body being thrown in the skip; however, the family of the predecessor was prevented from entering as per the laws that was instituted by the cuckolded manager. However, the idiosyncrasy of it all is that when her family comes to visit they are spread a lavish table fit for kings, and having attendants to cater to their every whim. Now that she is the manager she tries to rule with an iron hand but is found to be greatly lacking as she has the autonomy to fire and hire at will. But when she terminated the services of the security guard, on trumped up charges that he stole, her story was right there just waiting to jump in Joe’s blender. No one knew that he was very frequently slicing a piece of her mocha as they were very discreet and that previously when she was working to the rhythm of the nights that he was her pimp. In the blender was a mass of revelations among which after being terminated; her last resort was for him to seek Caucasian companions and escorts for her Faced with stiff competition from the more seasoned workers, she had to make do with the people he took to her dabbling in the arts of front, rear and oral. Taking up a full time position as a dominatrix, she became more powerful in more ways than one and where most people had to scrimp and save to earn themselves a college degree, she used her body to earn
herself a prestigious position that is very difficult to topple as she fears no foes because she dabbles in the occult and uses this and her prowess as her launching pad to rule the roost with an iron fist, joining with the casual encounters that the man brings home and making herself indispensable so much that no one prior to her and during her stint will ever compete for his favors.
   Nobody does it better than the team that instituted the brand new concept of internet café in town. Daystar internet café is simply the best, with their superior customer service and their private cubicles of which most are facing the wall. One of their better policies is that no one should be seen standing whilst in the café, giving the customer the ultimate privacy in reading their emails without fear of anyone looking over your shoulders, one can drink and nibble on snacks, talk on their cell phones while on their system without being watched by eagle eyed security and office personnel. Kudos to the team .In anticipation of next weekend when we mix up and blend, I remain savannahjoe185 (at) gmail (dot) com

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