Treadegar Park murder suspects held in Negril

No. 130 Friday, August 20, 2010
By Okoye Henry
Two men suspected to be involved in last week’s murder of eight persons in Tredegar Park in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, were held while two of their cronies were killed in an alleged gun battle between the police in Negril, Westmoreland.

   According to information received, the police, who were on operation in West End, Negril early Monday morning, got word that gunmen from Spanish Town were staying at an apartment building in the area. Upon entering the premises, the lawmen went inside only to see two of the men watching television.
   It’s alleged that one of the men reached for a gun and began firing at the police who took action killing him. By this time, the other man ran into the kitchen for a knife, which he used to attack the one of the lawmen, he too was subsequently shot and killed.
   The building was searched where the other two men were seen and arrested.
   It was also revealed that one of the men in custody is a former resident of Tredegar Park while the other is said to be the driver who transported the gunmen the early morning they indiscriminately assassinated the eight people including five men and three women.
   Westmoreland Crime Chief Inspector Paul Simms, while confirming the men were held, declined specifics into the matter. He told the Western Mirror that his colleagues in Spanish Town have interest in the men.
   “The men are indeed in custody but all we can say at this time is that Spanish Town (police) have interest in them,” Inspector Simms said.
   Two men who were killed in Monday’s operation are yet to be identified and the police are asking anyone with information to come forward.
   Simms, meanwhile, is urging citizens to disclose information to the police on the presence of strange men in the various communities throughout the parish.
   “It has become a practice for men of questionable character to be hiding out in Westmoreland, particularly Whitehall in Negril, we want to make sure this trend is cut, by urging the residents to be vigilant in respect to this practice,” the Inspector said.

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