NWU assists children with back-to-school financing

No. 130 Friday, August 20, 2010
By Okoye Henry
Four children were presented with educational awards made available by the National Workers Union (NWU) Women’s Committee, last Thursday, August

   Shanice - Drummonds, Abigail Williams, Princess Blake and Yanix Evans are the children of a few unionized ancillary staff members of the Cornwall Regional Hospital.
   The committee held bake sales every two months to raise funds and on Thursday presented $10,000 cash to each child who, come the new school year will be enrolled at high schools. The four will have their academic achievement assessed which in the case of good grades will see the assistance extended through the next academic year.
   This is the program’s third year running and has already assisted 12 youngsters most of whom were already in high school.
   The keynote speaker, Dr. Claudine Hemmings, who was joined by other officials including the President and Island Supervisor of the NWU, Vincent Morrison, who told the Western Mirror that volunteerism was a worthwhile trait. Morrison praised the efforts of the Women’s Council.
   “We believe in basic education, we think that from age three to five is the most important element in education. If you don’t get the fundamentals right between these ages, then it is going to be much difficult at the primary, secondary and even university level,” Morrison said.
   The NWU, according to Morrison, is currently in dialogue with the local and international sister unions in an effort to revitalize the student beneficiary programmes.

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