Bogue Hill Youth Club positively affecting its community

No. 49 Wednesday, February 03, 2010
The Bogue Hill Seventh Day Chrurch aims to bring community youths together by having a proactive youth club.

   The club, dubbed the ‘Bogue Hill Youth Club’ is a weekly event launched by few members of the church on August 9 of last year. It takes place every Monday, Thursday and Saturday evening to early nights within the community; where youths, as well as adults, come out for active socializing, game playing, and fun learning experience that creates a warm exciting ambiance in the place of activity.
   “Because of the ongoing crime, violence, and teenage pregnancies that are centered on the youths of today, we open the club as a means doing our part in bringing today’s youths off the streets, teach them to be more active and responsible as they grow and also to win souls for Christ,” stated club co-founder, Kerrian Kennedy, in an interview.
   On the two week days between 4-6 p.m., the club launches a lesson programme that teaches youth members, who are having difficulty, Math and English. Efforts to offer more subjects are being made. This programme currently has a total of 26 children, a number which steadily increases each week.
   Saturday nights, members enjoy the many games and activities that take place such as table tennis, video games, movies, domino, skip rope and various board games. Also, guest speakers are invited on certain nights, to enlighten members on issues of moral, ethnical and spiritual values. Topics on abortion, hygiene, religion, violence, social development are just few of what is addressed.
   Members also savor the cake, soup, corn, snacks, various treats and beverages that are on sale. Funds made from this are used to further assist the club in its operation.
   The youth club was found by Dwaine Greves and Kerrian Kennedy in the community. They later gathered fellow: church members Lloyd Scott, Janice Mitchell, and Trevor Smith to the cause and together they form the executive body: that operates the non-profit club that’s growing in members weekly. Also, Anthony McCook, a member of the Bogue Hill Christ Gospel Church is apart of the club’s executive body.
   Members, however, seek sponsorship to further boost the club’s image,” stated Ms. Kennedy.
   “The club’s building, is a former wood workshop, was given to us by Mrs. Viris Whyte, a member our church. “We need help to better renovate the place in a few things that is lacking or short-handed such as chalkboard, paint, proper zinc covering and more.”
   Persons are invited to come and unwind in this glorious youth movement for Christ.

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