Mother of two killed at home

No. 49 Wednesday, February 03, 2010
A woman was brutally slain in full view of her two Sons early Saturday morning in Westmoreland. Dead is 23 year-old Keresia Wilson-McPherson of Bamboo Walk, Georges Plain in that parish.
   It is reported that Wilson was at home with her sons when approximately 2:20am, men armed with guns kicked-in the front floor to the single room house and immediately opened fire at the woman, even as her sons - age four and one respectively - were fully asleep in the comfort of their mother’s arms.    Neighbours upon hearing the explosions called the police. McPherson was found lying face down with what appeared to be gunshot wounds all over her body. She was pronounced dead on the spot.
   A motive for the murder has not been ascertained, the police said, but investigations are ongoing.
   In the meantime, residents of the quiet district have expressed their disgust and a few have asked for the police to step up patrols in the area.
   A relative of the deceased openly condemned the killing calling it coldhearted and callous.
“We don’t know why she was killed, but it was certainly not a robbery because she nuh have nothing that they would want. She was a poor girl.”
“The heartless man dem just shoot her up, all over her body and the two boys were right there seeing everything,” the relative said.
   Last year, the Westmoreland Police were kept busy trying to investigate numerous killings across the parish and more recently, they have been called to two murder scenes in nearby Petersfield and Galloway after two men were shot and killed.

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