'Mobay Hope not sold' - says Chairman Engel

No. 49 Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Chairman of MoBay Hope Medical Centre, Sydney Engel, has denied that the hospital facility has been sold.
This statement contained in a letter under his signature dated February 1, 2010, comes in the wake of a Monday Mirror story of the same date in which ft was stated that the medical centre was sold to a Spanish company, Hospiten Jamaica.
  The letter states inter alia that, “the featured headline and photograph on page one pertaining to MoBay Hope, and the headline, photograph and article pertaining to MoBay Hope on page three is misleading and absolutely and factually incorrect and untrue.”
  “This article has already caused great concern among the MoBay Hope staff and among some of our patients, vendors and the general public that we serve. It has also caused the staff to question the veracity of the MoBay Hope Board of Directors” said Chairman EngeL.
  The Western Mirror unreservedly apologizes to the staff and Board of Directors and therefore retracts the misleading headlines and article and any information pertaining to MoBay Hope being sold and regrets any havoc or embarrassment created by the story.

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