Man on multiple charges awaits sentence

No. 49 Wednesday, February 03, 2010
A Resident Magistrate is to review her sentencing options in order to decide the appropriate sentence for Kevin Daley who is facing charges of unlawful wounding, malicious destruction of property and assaulting a District Constable.

  In a court-ordered social enquiry report, the probation officer recommended a suspended sentence but the magistrate felt it was not an appropriate sentence.
   Daley, 32, of Cambridge, St. James has been before the Montego Bay RM court several times for various offences committed.
   The present charges stemmed from an incident in October 2009 where he attacked and wounded a District Constable after the constable tried to prevent him from assaulting a female colleague.
   “You are a man who gives a lot of trouble,” Resident Magistrate Vivienne Harris said to Daley on Monday, February 1 when his case was called up for mention.
   Daley’s attorney Natalie Messado asked if the probation officer could assist in enrolling her client into a learning programme which might improve his attitude towards the law as Daley constantly disobeys court order not to sell along the Western City’s hip strip.
   In the meantime, the clerk suggested that he be enrolled at HEART Trust — NTA to pursue a course which suits his abilities.
   The magistrate then puts off sentencing until March 4, at which time she will consider what sentence is appropriate for the accused.
   The incident reportedly took place on October 9, 2009 after Daley was seen trying to solicit money from a tourist and offering his services as a tour guide.
   After the officer approached him and spoke to him, it is alleged that Daley told her that he was not interested in hearing what she had to say and that she should leave as she was preventing him from “eating a food.”
   It is further alleged that the accused man rushed the officer with a piece of steel in a stabbing position and when her colleague intervened he stabbed him to the left arm causing a wound and damaging his shirt.
   Hence he was arrested and charged.

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