Flanker Fatality

No. 49 Wednesday, February 03, 2010
One man was killed by the police in the Flanker community on Friday morning. Dead is 21 year-old Ova Belle, who goes by the aliases ‘OB’ and ‘Sanchez’.
   According to the police, the joint military party was conducting routine checks in the community about 7 a.m. and the search led the officers to a house occupied by the Belle and family members. According to the police, upon seeing the lawmen, Belle rushed inside the house and barricaded the door.
   The team came under heavy fire when they tried to force their way inside. The fire was returned and after the shooting subsided, Belle was found suffering from gunshot wounds. A Lugar 9mm pistol loaded with five live rounds was taken from him.
   The wounded man was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where h was pronounced dead upon arrival and his body later removed to the morgue for a post mortem.
   However, contrary to what the police have reported, Belle’s relatives are saying he was murdered by the members of the joint military unit.
   They agreed that the lawmen were carrying out raids in the community. But the details given by the lawmen were a bit fuzzy.
   According to them, upon reaching Belle’s house, he was accosted by the lawmen, who did not give him a chance to react. Belle was shot and killed in cold blood and the police are saying he was one of the trouble makers in Flanker.
   The family is adamant that the Minister of National Security and the Assistant Commissioner of Police need to intervene and justice needs to be served.

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