Caretaker Sleeps While Thieves Enter House....Two caught by cops, others escape

No. 133 Friday, August 27, 2010
Two of four robbers who broke into a house at Bogue Hill were caught red-handed by the police, when they responded to an emergency alarm triggered by the would-be thieves.

   They have been identified only as O’Neil, 38 year-old, labourer of Walespond and Junior, 27 year-old, unemployed of Bogue. The police said they will pursue the other two culprits now on the run.
    Both men will now face an identification parade in relation to a series of break-ins which have been occurring in that community in recent weeks.
    Reports reaching the Western Mirror are that about 3:00 a.m., Thursday, an emergency alarm was triggered at a premises located in the community.
    The Guardsman Unit responsible for the security at the home and the police responded.
    Upon arrival, two men were seen climbing out of a window.
    They escaped into nearby bushes but the police and the security officers managed to apprehend the other two.
    They were left inside the premises filling two bags with their spoils.
    They were both transported to the Freeport lock-up and charged with larceny and house breaking.
    It is understood that the owner of the house resides overseas and the caretaker at the time of the robbery was asleep in a room at the rear of the premises.
    The Freeport CIB are Investigating.

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