[OPINIONS]:::You can do better, Summerfest

No. 133 Friday, August 27, 2010
By Shauna Grey
Every year, people from all over congregate In Montego Bay to attend the ‘Greatest Reggae Show on Earth’, Reggae Sumfest. Some of these people spend their last dime to come and see their favourite artistes in action.

   These tickets are no chicken feed prices, and the crowds are massive each and every night. There is no doubt that Johnny Gourzong and the gang make a mint off the festival, but what of the city of Montego Bay?
    For 17 years Summerfest Promotions has been taking the hard earned cash of Montegonians without contributing much to the city. Yes, hotels are booked solid when the festival time rolls around, yes, they make vendors come inside the festival and peddle their wares, but let’s face it, they are not doing much else to help the community of Montego Bay.
    Every year when Brain ‘Big Head’ Martin holds the Dancehall Queen Competition, he gives the proceeds in forms such as the scholarships and school supplies for many inner city communities around Montego Bay and other causes.
    Dancehall Queen is held for one night out of the entire year and if Mr. Martin is able to do so much with funds he has made in one night, Summerfest Promotions has no excuse. So you mean to say that they have been holding this multiple night event for 17 years, and no one has ever heard of them giving any of the proceeds to charity? That is very bad.
    Mr. Gourzong and company, you have been taking people’s hard earned cash for 17 years, its time you give back something to the community that has fattened your coffers for many years, it’s time to give them something in return.
I am,
Shauna Grey, Montego Bay.

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